Everything you need to know about our products and solutions

Our main business services overview

products and solutions

We have developed a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of our partners and their customers.

Before recommending solutions for your business, our product specialists will meet with you to gain an understanding of your specific needs, and only then develop a custom service package that best fits your brand.

Primary Products

Eterminals primary products revolve around computer terminal time rental and Wi-Fi rental hotspots:

  • Automated computer terminals & kiosks
  • Self-serve payment systems
  • Pay-for-print boarding pass printing
  • Pay-for-print printers
  • Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi)


Our solutions are designed to offer optimal flexibility to our customers. We tailor our suite of solutions to fit your requirements and preferences. Eterminals works with you to develop a package of solutions that fits your business needs, your brand, your decor. We start by giving your customers reliable and secure Internet access and web apps on demand.

We provide you with an array of online advertising options, marketing tools, brand-sensitive design, and real-time revenue and usage reporting.

Solutions include:

  • Digital advertising
  • Brand advertising
  • Attract screens + banner ads
  • Core business coupons + promotions
  • Online market surveys
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Custom signage
  • Workstations to fit your look
  • Custom furnishings and build-outs

Whatever our partners' needs may be, we understand that our service is a complement to their core business, and therefore the success of your business is our interest.


Eterminals' strategy is designed around forming partnerships for our services with companies that have a footprint in certain strategic areas:


Guest Loyalty and Satisfaction

Our premier business centers and our room- to-room WiFi offer guests the high quality and performance they demand. All of our business centers are custom designed to fit your brand image, and we provide all the conveniences your guests need. We endeavor to exceed the comfort and performance that guests experience at home.

Add Value and Generate Revenue

If you are paying to provide this service, you are paying too much. We not only eliminate your costs, both upfront and ongoing, but we also turn our services into revenue for you. We can structure either a profit-share guarantee or a flat lease program. Streamline Operations Focus on your core business and leave the Internet servicing to us. Our services are fully automated and fully supported 24/7/365. We provide your guests with the quality and reliability they expect, while freeing your staff to focus on their core duties.

High Performance and Reliability

Our operating software shields our system against viruses, spyware and user manipulation. Our systems have built-in redundancy and around-the-clock monitoring. The result is a service that is both dependable and secure.

Give Guests What They Expect

Our hardware options include: sleek and stylish all-in-one computers, boarding pass printing stations, laptop plug-ins, laser printers fax/copy scan machines, ergonomic chairs and a relaxing environment.


Our operating software comes preloaded with the most popular applications: MS Office, Adobe, Firefox, Explorer, AIM, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Skype and more. Our automated payment systems are secure, and we offer flexible payment options and user accounts so guests can preserve their credit during their stay. Our site-blocking feature guards against the display of inappropriate adult websites in the business center.

Design Build

From the basic to the cutting edge, we can customize our business centers to fit your brand image and your space requirements. We offer intuitive design: the possibilities are open. We pay exceptional attention to merging functionality with aesthetics.


Meet Passenger Demands

Today's travelers have a sophisticated demand for web communications throughout their travels. Give them the freedom they want—with our high performance WiFi and Internet stations. Exceed their expectations with our quality service, exceptional design and convenient placement.

Benefits to You

Unlock new revenue streams and add value to your location: It is no secret that WiFi and Internet access generate handsome returns while providing an essential service for airports, train stations and bus terminals. But are you maximizing your value? Our customer-driven strategy will maximize your returns and add a luxury convenience to your service offering. You or your tenants provide the floor space and the customer traffic, and decide on options and advertising choices. We offer guidance and consultation as you consider the various options. And then we do the rest: integrated services, design build, install and maintain.

Integrated Services

You can offer travelers more than a simple WiFi connection and yesterday's standalone kiosk. Eterminals' convenient printing options allow your customers to easily produce documents, boarding passes, itineraries, directions and emails from their laptops or our workstations.

Design Build

From the basic to the cutting edge, we can customize our workstations to fit your brand image and your individual needs. We offer intuitive design: the possibilities are open. We pay exceptional attention to the merger of functionality with aesthetics. Our placement strategy helps you integrate our kiosks with your facility's traffic flow. Your travel-weary customers crave comfort, convenience and moments of respite. Our focus on human design brings ergonomic relief to tired travelers.


Industry Pioneers and Leaders

In 2005 our founders pioneered the use of automated Internet terminals in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market in the United States. Since then, our experience and technology have focused on leveraging the power of the Internet with core QSR products.

Engage and Enrich

Our custom signage and convenient service increases new traffic and drives repeat business. Enrich your customers' experience: allow them to enjoy their favorite foods while browsing their favorite sites.

Premium Use of Space

How much space can you afford to give up? Usually the answer is none. Our solution is not to take space but transform it. We first developed this model in Manhattan where the concern from our QSR partners is always space.

Competitive Advantage

In today's competitive market amidst higher material and energy costs, restaurants everywhere are searching for ways to increase the bottom line. We provide the opportunity to increase your core business and add new revenue streams. In as little as one month after deployment, our clients report increases in their core sales. These core sales increases are in addition to the new revenue shares from our Internet service partnership.

Integrated Technology

Through our flexible managing software, we integrate our technology and services (WiFi, Internet workstations, printing services, user accounts, and marketing applications) into your core operations. We can customize our software with your point-of-sale (POS) system to deliver receipt-driven, WiFi access codes. This allows you to analyze your core sales trendlines in relation to our Internet service partnership.

Branding and Advertising

Our service is an extension of your brand. Eterminals' attract screens (screensavers) and online banner ads automatically update with fresh, professionally created messages that feature your core products, national promotions and limited time offers. Cross promotions can be integrated with point-of-sale purchases. Custom login and landing pages promote your brand throughout the customer experience.

Trending and Market Surveys

Get closer to your regular customers with our direct market surveys and user login pages. You will be surprised to see how closely our automated use and revenue statistics mirror your core business. Our partners receive access codes to real-time reporting on usage and revenue statistics. All of our data is 100% transparent and is downloadable as a simple CSV "flat file" for easy use in a spreadsheet or database.


Internet and Coffee

Whether you have an independent café, an international chain or something in between, we have the experience and technology to meet your needs. Eterminals will custom tailor an approach that is right for you. Our affordable, reliable and easy-to-use service will enhance your customer experience and keep them coming back. We seamlessly integrate our sleek Internet workstations into your landscape. Our terminals feature eye-catching attract screens (screensavers) that beckon passersby. They draw added foot traffic by advertising amusement and discovery.

Add New Revenue

With our profit-sharing guarantees, you can increase your bottom line at no cost. You will turn the "cost" of Internet service into a pure profit opportunity. With Eterminals Internet services, you pay no upfront costs and no ongoing costs. You simply provide the space, and then decide on your options and advertising choices. We offer guidance and consultation as you consider the options. And then we do the rest.

WiFi in the Modern Landscape

Today finding a wireless Internet signal in a café is almost as common as finding a newspaper. But ensuring a safe, quality signal that complements your business can be more difficult than it seems. An unreliable and insecure wireless network can do more damage to your business having than no network at all.

Our technical experience, secure systems and best-in-class software delivers a true value-added complement to your core products. We install and maintain all hardware, software, devices, and automated payment systems. You and your staff are left free to attend to your core business. You're the expert in your core business. We supply the expertise in our core business: self-serve, public Internet terminals and wireless access.

Fee or No Fee?

Café managers often struggle when deciding whether to offer complimentary or fee-based WiFi access. Low table turns can occur with free WiFi especially during peak times, as patrons idle for hours at their tables. But customers may balk at fee-based WiFi, particularly when your competition offers it for free. By partnering with E Terminals, you can offer both.

A Fair Compromise

Our system allows you to offer free wireless access with customer purchase – in some cases we can merge it with your POS system. You set the rates and conditions, with our guidance. Once their complimentary time with initial purchase has expired, your customers can be presented with several options to continue their WiFi usage. Again, you determine these options as well.

safety and security

Our Commitment to security

When we built our platform, security was a paramount goal of our design. And today, user security remains a top priority across the Eterminals platform. We are PCI complaint which means we comply with the worldwide Data Security Standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI). The communication between client and server is protected via an encrypted protocol. We do not retain user payment data. Your customers’ cookies, browser history and personal information are erased after each use.

In addition, Eterminals software has built-in, rock solid defenses against viruses, spyware, and user manipulation that could corrupt or harm the machines—or transfer from user to user. We automatically update our anti-virus, spyware and malware protection on an ongoing basis.

Our content-filtering feature ensures family-friendly website access, guarding against the public display of inappropriate adult websites.


staying ahead of the curve

The worldwide web is here to stay but how we use it is not. People are constantly exploring, expanding and reinventing the Internet, and worldwide demand for services is growing exponentially.

Eterminals is committed to researching, discovering and incorporating new technologies to keep pace with the changing landscape of the Internet market. We welcome feedback from our partners and our users to help us anticipate and respond to the needs of this dynamic field.

best-in-class software

The backbone of our success is our powerful, best-in-class proprietary software, a sophisticated pay-per-use platform that allows us to provide rigorous controls and transparent, real-time reporting to our partners—while giving us the flexibility of customizing to meet our partners’ business needs. As our proprietary software runs in the background, our users enjoy high-speed web access and the industry-standard applications they expect.

custom software development

We are committed to exploring new technical and service frontiers to meet your current and future needs. Nothing is outside our reach. If our current platform does not satisfy your ambitions, then our programmers can develop custom applications that will.

customer service

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are a customer focused and customer driven company. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate our services into our client's environment. We are committed to making sure your customers/our users have an excellent experience. Your customers become our customers too, and your success is critical to our success.

Professional Support

Around the clock support: We offer customer care and technical support 24 hours a day by email or phone, every day of the year. Calls are toll-free. We also provide field support as needed. Our trained field technicians are professional, courteous and responsive. Our goal is to create and maintain workstations that meet or exceed the comfort, cleanliness and functionality of the home or office. All support is provided by us at our expense, not yours.

Remote Safeguards

Our systems function 99.9% of the time. Our networks are backed by a redundant set of remote servers that deliver the highest standard of speed and reliability. Our top-of-the-line software comes with proactive monitoring capabilities that enable us to anticipate and solve problems remotely—before they can affect the user.