Everything you need to know about us


Your customers become our customers

Eterminals is a single source, turnkey provider of high quality Internet service to the public via Wi-Fi zones and Internet kiosks/terminals. Our strategy is designed around forming partnerships for our services with companies that have a footprint in certain strategic areas:

We place our equipment and our services at no cost to our partners. By doing so, we receive access to our partner's pre-existing customer base, and in return share the profits while carrying all the costs of our services. We add value to our partner's core business and enhance the experience of their customers.

We use our own proprietary software, a sophisticated pay-per-use platform that allows us to provide rigorous controls and transparent, real-time reporting to our partners—while giving us the flexibility of customizing to meet our partners' business needs. As our proprietary software runs in the background, our users enjoy high-speed web access and the industry-standard applications they expect.


We are a single source, turnkey provider of high quality pay-per-use Internet service to the public via WiFi zones and Internet kiosks and terminals.


We understand that our service is a complement to our client's core business. Therefore, your customers are our customers and the success of your business is our interest.


Our business model is based on forging cooperative relationships with our partners. Transparency, integrity and professionalism are the hallmarks of this relationship.